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Blade and Soul – Shadow Guard Bundle


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This bundle includes the following:

  • White Sandraider
  • Sheep Headgear
  • Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soup (x2)
  • Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian Key
  • Hongmoon Brilliant Cinderlands Key
  • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10)
  • Hongmoon Key (x10)
  • Lucky Healing Tonic (x10)
  • Shadow Guard costume.
  • Feline Frisky hat.
  • Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup.
  • Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key.
  • 7-day Premium Membership.

Blade & Soul is an action-combat MMORPG from NCSOFT where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and steel!

Set in a beautiful and diverse world, and featuring a deep and cinematic story, Blade & Soul surrounds you with the visual beauty of the Far East and embroils you in a world of honour, betrayal, redemption and revenge.

Defeat your foes with a fast-paced, combo-driven action combat system in either exciting PvE Dungeons or adrenaline-pumping 1v1 PvP Arena battles!

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Action, Multiplayer