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Remember all those commercial animations, production logos and music videos from the 70`s and 80`s, that were created with expensive analog/digital hybrid video computing systems like the custom Scanimate systems, Fairlight CVS and later the accessible Video Toaster for Amiga computers. That warm and organic analog picture can`t really be compared to the digital sterile picture in modern video software systems. The old real-time hybrid systems were also playable life to create video effects, real-time animations and more just like with an expressive musical instrument – but with video!

Cathodemer is a real-time video production instrument with a CRT display simulator. It features analog-style RGB signal oscillation synthesis, input source mixing and manipulation, recursive color shape synthesis, sprite animation engine and various classic video effects. All parameters can be controlled via MIDI and audio input. Video output can be projected to a video projector, rendered to file or routed to other video applications via frame sharing.

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