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Dauntless – Desperado Bundle – Twitch Loot Multi-Platform


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This bundle includes the following:

  • Title Desperado for the character 
  • A seven-day increase in rewards with patrols 
  • Consumable items 
  • Purple Primus paint 

Access to cosmetic armour awards, such as the Desperado armour kit, is available through the Transmog game menu. Here´s how to apply the Cloak of the Desperate: 

  • Open your upload from the main menu. 
  • Choose your current breast piece. 
  • In the armour menu, select Dye & Transmog. 
  • Select the Transmog tab. (This is the one with a glowing green stone.) 
  • Find Desperate Cloak and click Apply.

Cosmetic armour rewards like the Desperado armour set can be accessed through the in-game Transmog menu. Here’s how to apply the Desperado’s Cloak:

  • Open your Loadout from the Main Menu. 
  • Select your current chest piece. 
  • On the armour details menu, choose Dye & Transmog. 
  • Select the Transmog tab. (It’s the one with the glowing green stone.) 
  • Find the Desperado’s Cloak and hit Apply. 
  • Transmog Icon 
  • Look for the glowing green Transmog Stone on the Loadout screen. 

Cosmetic items from the Hunt Pass, store and Twitch Prime are free to use as many times as you like and do not require Transmog Stones to apply. So if you want to apply the Desperado look to every single armour set you own? Live that lone wolf gunslinger life. 

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