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EVE Online – Galaxy Pack


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The Galaxy Pack represents excellent value and commitment to your future as an EVE Online capsuleer of great repute. The total value of the pack contents, if bought separately, would be over $190.

This pack gives you:

  • Unlimited access to all ships and skills through 3 months of Omega time.
  • 2x Multiple Character Training Certificates, allowing you to train multiple pilots on the same account simultaneously.
  • 1100 PLEX to sell for billions in ISK or spend in the New Eden Store.
  • 5 Skill Extractors to aid you in customizing your skill tree and make ISK if sold.
  • A bundle of superb Sisters of EVE Crystal Blast ship SKINs exclusive to Steam and Expeditionary Suits.

This pack can only be purchased once per account.

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Action, Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy




English, French, German, Russian