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OPSkins 10 USD


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How to Activate:

  • Redeem your code here:
  • To add the funds to your OPSkins wallet, go to, click on the “Inventory” tab ( and then use the drop-down to select “OPSkins Shopping Spree Card”.
  • Next, choose the gift card you would like to use by selecting it and then click “Withdraw to OPSkins”.
  • Once the gift card is in your OPSkins inventory you can instant sell it to receive the credits in your wallet.
  • Your funds will appear as OP Points and can be viewed by hovering over the wallet balance at the top right of the site (OP Points will be shown in blue and will be located next to the blue shield).

OPSkins™ Marketplace is an online trading platform where video game players, digital item traders, and collectors of digital and physical items can buy, sell, and trade with each other.

Redeem your code here:

As the largest and first marketplace of its kind, OPSkins product offering ranges from digital items like video game skins and gift cards, to physical items like designer apparel, collectible sneakers, video gaming gear and electronics, and more. Additionally, OPSkins offers wide array of tools for hunting down hard-to-find items at competitive prices.

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