Refund Policy

OgravityKey Refund Policy

The text below is taken as a contract between you and and will be used correspondingly.

OgravityKey is not a DOWNLOAD SERVICE. It has no discs to ship out or software to download. The Customer purchases a software licence key/gift code, that to be sent to the Customer’s email address. In the attachment the Customer finds the licence key/giftcode for its further activation.

1 Sales Policy

1.1 It is wholly your responsibility, before the software licence key purchased, to be certain that you have enough skill for operating the software, and that your computer system meets the minimum System Requirements for the software.

1.2 OgravityKey takes no responsibility for a software working on an operating system different from the one mentioned in the System Requirements for each software .

1.3 All purchases made through OgravityKey can’t be refunded except the cases given below.

1.4 For purchases from European Union, you will have the right to withdraw from the purchase of a software licence key/gift code you have made through OgravityKey , for any or no reason, for up to 14 calendar days from your purchase, subject to the following limitation:

1.4.1 You clearly admit, approve and accept that you will no longer have the right to get a refund, before the Refund Period ends, if the download process for the software has started or the gift code has been used. In that case purchase will be final.