Terms of use


Administration – owners of ogravitykey.com;

Customer – someone who made a successful purchase at ogravitykey.com;


These terms and conditions apply to the Administration towards its customers regarding the sale of license keys for the download of digital goods (not on a physical data carrier, software offered for download) via the online shop at ogravitykey.com, as well as all sub-domains belonging to this domain.


Administration has the right to refuse to purchase any product without explanation, as well as return the funds to Customer;

In case of violation by the customer of the current Terms of Use, Administration has the right to unilaterally restrict access to the shop – ogravitykey.com without prior noticing;

Customer agrees to comply with this Terms of Use;

The Customer agrees to fill in reliable data when placing the order, as well as upon the request of Administration to provide an identification document;

Customer must contact the administration if the goods have not been received, no later than 48 hours after payment;

Customer has the right to demand a full refund if the goods were not delivered within 48 hours from the date of payment was made;


Use the site in any way that may interfere with the normal functioning of the site;

Post reviews with obscene or any other swear words, or phrases, including using them in the name;

Post threats, calls for violence and illegal actions in reviews;

Insult Administration of the website;

If Customer disagrees with the current Terms of Use, Customer must leave the shop as soon as possible;

In case of violation of the Terms of Use by Customer, Administration has the right to refuse further purchases to Customer!


All rights not specified in the Terms of Use are reserved by Administration of the service – ogravitykey.com.